The Telegraph Taphouse

Created for connection

The history of the Telegraph building is rooted in bringing people together. Though it was originally meant to send and receive telegrams, the Telegraph building is now fostering communication in a whole new way – with great beer, delicious food, and interesting conversation.

A history of connection

The Telegraph (the technology, not the Taphouse) first came to Lethbridge in 1909, and it had a variety of homes for the first 28 years. In 1937, the Telegraph outgrew its tiny room inside the Marquis Hotel, and so, Lethbridge decided to build a space specifically to house the equipment and staff members that worked to connect our small city with the rest of the world.

The Telegraph connected WWII soldiers with their loved ones at home; it helped businesses communicate with the outside world – it was a building which continually brought people together despite physical distance.

We’re proud of this building, and of the connections, it’s helped to forge over time. And though we no longer use those telegraph machines, the Telegraph Taphouse is still dedicated to that same goal: bringing people together.

A place for people to meet people

So, we don’t do cross-country anymore, or even cross-town communication – our specialty today is cross-table communication. We set the scene, with drinks and food to help loosen the tongue, then let you and your friends – and sometimes even complete strangers – do the rest.

This is also why the Telegraph Tap House has a big rectangular table connecting one end of the room with the other. It creates a chance to bring the people of Lethbridge together: an open table to break down barriers and allow the conversation to freely flow. 

Our dedication to being a meeting place for friends and strangers alike means that, unless there’s a good reason (such as Sunday’s Walking Dead Night), our televisions tend to stay off. There’s something special about an atmosphere without any modern distractions which encourages great conversations – from the serious to the hilarious. But when the television is on, it’s to share a good match or a great show with our friends.

The Telegraph Taphouse: The historic building that continues to make new memories and savor old ones

“The Telegraph Taphouse is a part of the downtown vibe: The historic building that connected thousands of souls of its era is now connecting through cross-cultural food and delicious Craft beers.” Ram Khanal, proud owner of the Telegraph Tap House said.

So whether you come to meet new friends over drinks, or connect with old ones watching the game, we’re happy to give you a warm, friendly place to gather, and good drink and food to connect over.

Drop by the Telegraph Tap House today!

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