Connection in the Heart of Lethbridge

The Telegraph Taphouse

Where strangers

become friends

At the centre of The Telegraph Taphouse sits a big, communal table where friends and strangers gather to talk over good food and great beer. Through locally-sourced ingredients and globally-inspired recipes, The Telegraph aims to create a truly multicultural, truly ‘Canadian’ cuisine. To wash down all that delicious food, we supply a worldwide selection of craft beer and spirits.


Connecting people in

Lethbridge since 1937

Built to house Lethbridge’s original telegraph office, the old telegraph building has been home to connection since 1937. It connected WWII soldiers with loved ones at home, and it connected businesses with the outside world.

These days, the building is no longer meant for cross-country communication – our speciality is cross-table communication. That’s why we’ll always have our big, communal table at the centre of our restaurant, a cross-cultural menu with locally-sourced ingredients, and a wide selection of craft beers and whiskeys from around the world. So whether you come to meet old friends over drinks, or connect with new ones while watching the world cup, we’re happy to provide a warm, comfortable and friendly place to gather – and quality food and drinks to connect over.


Home is where you

hang your stein

Love beer? Join the club – The Telegraph Taphouse Stein club. Simply bring in your own mug, stein, pint glass, or boot, and sign up. You’ll get 10% off your bill every time you come in, and impress your friends with your very own glassware. Stein club members pay $150/year locker rental for the first two years, after which it’s free. Make the Telegraph your second home with the Stein Club.

Give the gift of connection

If you are looking for the perfect gift for friends, family or coworkers, we offer gift cards! 

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