Create a Christmas to Remember at the Telegraph Taphouse

Office Christmas parties are a chance to celebrate a year well-done. People can let off steam, celebrate the season, and grow closer to each other, strengthening relationships both new and old.

At the Telegraph Taphouse and The Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern, we love hosting office Christmas parties of every stripe – from intimate gatherings to large office parties where the right atmosphere can do wonders to break the ice. That’s why we invest so much into making every party memorable. From a warm atmosphere with seasonal decorations to a globally-inspired food and drink menu that will warm you from the inside, we know how to take the chill off no matter the weather.

Make your office Christmas party a hit this holiday season – Book Your Christmas Party Now!

We offer a variety of seating capacities

With two different-sized restaurants, we can fit everyone – from startups with small teams, to large businesses with multiple staff members: 

The Telegraph Taphouse

Great for small to medium social gatherings, we can host up to 50 guests here.

The Picture Butte Hotel

Perfect for medium to large social gatherings, we can host up to 150 guests here.

The finest selection of food and beverages

Nothing makes a Christmas jollier than good food and drink. At both the Taphouse and The Picture Butte Hotel, we carry the widest selection of beers south of Calgary, along with a fine variety of whiskies from around the world. A Christmas full of cheer and ‘spirits’ is the kind most everyone can agree on! 

At both locations, we pride ourselves on creating healthy and delicious meals from locally-sourced ingredients. And if you or your guests have allergies or gluten intolerances, we can design a menu to ensure everyone will enjoy their food!

Rich and charming ambience

While some may prefer to hold their Christmas party at the office, we believe that branching out, away from memories of tight neckties and watercooler talk is the way to go. Both the Telegraph Taphouse and the Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern offer a relaxing, one-of-a-kind atmosphere that’s (we think) impossible to recreate inside the office. Plus, we really do get into the Christmas spirit, with seasonal decorations to complement our historical ‘brick a brack!’

The best spot for a truly great Christmas party

Make your 2019 Christmas party memorable at The Telegraph Taphouse or the Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern! For more information on booking either The Telegraph Taphouse or Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern, give us a call at (403) 942-4136, or contact us today!

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