Summer is patio season – hot sun and cold beverages combine with friends to create one of the greatest past times known to man.
That’s why we’ve always had the patio, even if all we had was ten stools for people to sit at. Our biggest problem was that we never had enough patio space to accommodate all our friends and clients. As a result, we’ve often had to put people inside when they requested outside – and that’s a shame.

Notice, however, we’re using the past tense here.

This year, however, things are changing. This month we opened our new, better than ever patio seating just in time for buddies, brews and the beating sun to join you.

The new Patio

Picture, if you will, The Telegraph Taphouse in your mind’s eye. What do you see?

Our beautiful, brick building, and in front of it our tiny patio – which we still have. Then, of course, there’s the sidewalk and the parking lot that stretches from the southside of our building to 3rd Ave.

Or at least there was…

This summer, the Telegraph Taphouse is laying claim to the eight stalls, the southern half of the parking lot just in front of our building, in the name of al fresco diners everywhere. We’ve set up our planters, chairs, tables and umbrellas to create an outdoor ambience like this town has never experienced before (ok, that might be going a little too far).

But one thing we can state with certainty is that this will be the best patio we’ve ever had. We have a bunch of new tables with enough seating to fit all your friends and friends-to-be, each with an umbrella for when it gets a little too sunny.

Basically, we’re going to move the whole restaurant outside so everyone can enjoy the beautiful, Lethbridge summer.

That downtown vibe

We absolutely love our location downtown. Sixth street has so much energy in the summer as pedestrians enjoy the shopping, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, and the walkability of downtown.

So, one of the reasons we’re so excited about our new, bigger, better patio is how it’s going to add so much life to downtown Lethbridge. Not only will we be nearly doubling our occupancy rate, bringing more people to our downtown core, we’ll be putting those people outside, increasing the energy and conversation on the street.

Come on down for a pint, a bite, and a whole lot of conversation

The weather is here, the patio is open, and the beer is cold – so what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and come on down to enjoy the good things in life, because this summer is going to be the best one yet at The Telegraph patio.

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